At some point in your career -- probably sooner rather than later -- you will be dealing with recruiters. You may be looking for a new position (actively or passively) or you may be hiring; in some cases you may be doing both at the same time! Changing business climates, competition, better rewards, family reasons, politics are few of the reasons for top executives to move. Every day thousands of executives from every level, every type of organizations move. The move may be from one organization to another, from one industry to another or from one region to another.

Personally keeping track of these moves is not only difficult, but also time consuming. The relocation of a high profile executive can be a complicated and stressful experience. This propelled us to pioneer an exceptional arena and we are pleased to present the website. This website enables organizations, professionals and business partners to locate other professionals and leaders around the world and track their professional moves, career paths and contact details.

We invite you to become a member of this remarkable website and start using its services to reap its benefits in today's fast paced business environment where every minute, every decision and every individual count!

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    When you need assistance recruiting and selecting candidates for a high level executive position or if you plan to move, more
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    An organization’s human resource maybe one of its most important resources. Building people’s skills to either for improved performance more
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    Conference gives participants, individual or organization, an excellent time for learning and networking from people across industries. more
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